Thursday, June 21, 2007


Ever had one of those days where there doesn't seem to be anything to fix for dinner, and there are bits of many meals in the fridge? Nothing like noodles to tie it all together!

Most of the kids were a little skeptical. Except the toddlers. They're used to making unusual combinations. Leftover spaghetti noodles, leftover sauce, onion, garlic, a couple of chicken breasts cooked and cut into small pieces, leftover rice, leftover scrambled eggs, a little extra tomato sauce, and a couple of chopped up pieces of string cheese. Voila. Sounds awful, but the kids actually enjoyed it, I cleared my fridge a bit, and dinner came and went without too much trauma. Improv in action!

Infrequent Posts

I'm trying this main blog is Song of the Sagebrush. Just checking out some of the other blog options out here, and I do like blogger. As time permits, I'll try to do more over here!