Friday, July 2, 2010

Easy as Cous Cous

The cupboard was a tinge bare, the day before payday.  There was enough summer squash from early picking, that it could go with some grain.  Or, there's that bag of cous cous I completely forgot about.  I opted for the cous cous. 

I sauteed onions and garlic in butter, then added some tiny bell peppers from my garden, minced.  Finely chopped summer squash, a teeny pinch of saffron, and a little white pepper.  Meanwhile, bringing my water to a boil, and shutting it off, I added the cous cous, stirred, and covered while I finished cooking the veggies.  Fluff the cous cous, and stir in the veggie mixture, and it's a great pinch hitting solution when the mainstay dinner items are low.  Ratio of cous cous to water is 1 cup cous cous to 1 1/4 cup water.  For my big bunch, I tripled this, and it was just enough.