Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Macaroni Improv

Macaroni Improv is dedicated to those Mommy Moments in which quick thinking and creativity are needed and found, in the kitchen or otherwise.

The name? Well…I was low on numerous items in the house, and Mac and Cheese was the game plan for dinner. Unfortunately, when dinner rolled around, I discovered that the dc had generously served themselves buttered toast for snack earlier in the day. As I glanced toward one of my food storage areas, I noticed packets of sausage gravy mix. Biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs was a viable option, but I didn’t want to work *that* hard at this point, and besides, some of the kids would want buttered biscuits, which would not be an option. What if I mixed the gravy with the Mac and Cheese? What if?

I made the packet of gravy, but heated the water in the microwave, added the 3 cheese packets to the still watery mixture, and put in a small pot, stirring with a wisk until it thickened. I should point out that I also added a cup of milk to the mixture…a little more than the required amount for the 3 packages of M & C. This mixture was added to the drained M & C, and made a tasty creamy dinner. Only one of the dc complained, and she complains about most anything I fix. This one is worth repeating, but planned the next time!

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