Friday, March 18, 2011

Quick Deals on The Go

Besides the value menu of the drive through, there's one other handy helper in my small town, when it comes to needing an inexpensive, fast meal while out and about. 

Try Sonic's SMS messaging.  Next time you drive through at your local Sonic, look for, or ask for, the location specific number to text, and enroll in their deal updates.  Many times, my Sonic has sent out a daily deal, perfect for the time of day when I'm shuttling kids to and from sports. 

An alternative to the typical dollar burger, there have been chili-cheese burrito deals, cheap junior sundaes, corn dogs...all kinds of menu options.  Additionally, our Sonic has a weekly Wednesday kids' deal, with Wacky Pack meals at $1.50...that's a sandwich, tots or fries, a snack, and a drink! 

A recent monthly deal also included 50 cent junior cheeseburgers on Thursdays.  Make sure you check with your specific store for special deals, and verify start times...many dinner deals begin at 5 PM.  Don't miss happy hour at Sonic, either!

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