Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WFMW: Extending Leftovers For Lunch

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Lunch time arrives, and as you prepare to fix PB&J sandwiches for the troops, you discover that the jar is nearly empty.  Egg sandwiches would work, but the eggs were used in a spinach-egg skillet breakfast prepared by your teenage future chef.  

Fortunately, you have lots of cheap spinach in the fridge, along with leftovers of last night's quick macaroni improv meal.  An extra can of spaghetti sauce, a few minutes in the microwave, and the saucy mac goes alongside the spinach salad....heavy on the salad, easy on the mac.  All 8 kids, and Macaroni Mom, eat to their satisfaction!  Salad anyone?  Gotta hide the peanut butter better so it tides me over til payday this week!  Spinach salad extends my leftovers, which works for the kids, and works for me!

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